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Founded in 1990, the company Urban Invest is the biggest producer of concrete elements for paving – paver elements and of Terastone tiles in Macedonia as well as on the Balkan Peninsula. During the last twenty-seven years, through its diversified production program, highly educated staff, the new sophisticated technology and the highly developed environmental and social business approach, Urban Invest has become one of the main participants in the industry for construction materials within the frames of the Macedonian market and further on the surrounding markets.

The company has been founded by Mr. Jovan Grkov, civil engineer with great ambitions and high enthusiasm who at the time recognized the market opportunities in the Macedonian construction industry development. At the very beginning, the company’s activity was design and construction of various types of private facilities (houses, gas stations, parking lots etc).

In 1993 Urban Invest invested in concrete elements production equipment (concrete paver blocks, kerbs and many other decorative concrete products) by what the company become exclusive producer of the abovementioned building materials in Macedonia. Soon, the company’s products have become synonym for Paver elements in our country (Urban Invest participation in the Macedonian market is estimated on approximately more than 50 %).

Over the last twenty-seven years, Urban Invest has broadened its field of business activities in other segments of the construction industry. In 2000 the company started with production of Terastone – the latest generation of “terrazzo” tiles. In 2002 Urban Invest started with design and construction of modern residential buildings in several of the most attractive location the City of Skopje.

The production plant is located in the village Vozarci, near Kavadrci on an area of about 15.000 m². Currently Urban Invest employs 127 employees, well trained and highly qualified staff.

Urban Invest is recognized as one of the country’s leading companies in accordance with several factors, whereas the most important ones are the quality of the services provided and the possibility to offer products with excellent aesthetic, functional and price quality.

We can also say that we are one of the few companies that offer to its clients complete post-sale service (transport, preparation for installation of the products and installation).

Thousands square meters of paved paths, parking lots, arranged yards, public facilities etc are proof of the company’s efforts and success.

Our imperative is the quality and durability of the products. In compliance with this in the production process Urban Invest works according to prescribed norms and standards.

In order to make our products available and acceptable on a local, regional as well as on international level we strive towards implementation of the newest possible technologies.

Constant research on technologies, products and customer needs.

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Why Urban Invest

Promptly products

Our delivery is always accurate and precise. We are one of the few companies that offer to its clients complete post-sale service (transport, preparation for installation of the products and installation).


We start new business deals and numerous projects on a daily basis. Our efforts are recognizable and valued that leads to higher demand of our products.

Only highest

Urban Invest is recognizable as a leading company in Macedonia in accordance with several factors, whereas the most important one is the quality of the service offered. With the help of our well trained and highly qualified staff, the quality of our products is guaranteed.

We adjust
to our clients needs

As previously mentioned, Urban Invest’s main priority are the clients. They are always in the first place. We always try to meet the needs even of the most selective customers.